Τρίτη, 30 Απριλίου 2013

How to wear the Hippie look!

Hey girlz!
I love hippie look..but how we can wear it to be a " safe" boho style?
One of the questions I heard is, “How can I wear the Hippie look without looking cheesy?” My first response is, don’t try to wear too many things at once. For example, lets say you’re wearing a really cool maxi dress, I would suggest trying an oversized floppy hat but go light on the jewelery. I’ve seen people wear the maxi dress with the hat and tons of jewelry, and oversized sunglasses, and a huge furry boho bag,  and that’s when you start to look like you’re trying too hard.
The key is to let one thing you are wearing speak the loudest, you want to look chic not overdone. If your dress is a wild print, let that be the focus and wear a solid color hat or delicate headband. If your dress is a solid color, let your chunky rings or statement necklace be the thing that stands out the most.

And my Hippie Style! ;)  Do you like this look?

Manny kisses and be fab!

By Fotini

Παρασκευή, 19 Απριλίου 2013

Greek Outfits~ Street Style

Hey Sweetiez...
 Greece is a Wonderful country(yeah yeah i love my country..) with inspired outfits and Fashion Styles! Take a look Greek Street Outfits in my country!
Which of them do you like most?
Choose your fav!

I love them all! You?
Great girls with attitude and super sense of style!

Many kisses ....see you soon...

Take care yourselves and be fab!
By Fotini


Πέμπτη, 18 Απριλίου 2013

Natural Make Up Look~

(EN)Hello girls!
In this post I will talk about the basic steps that I do personally in my makeup for a natural look!


 Step 1:
Make a good cleansing and moisturizing your wore cream. Wait a few minutes to absorb the cream well and dry ..

 Step 2:
Jump to a point that has natural lighting, put a little BB Cream in your hands and applied the points that you need it most. Keep adding a little bit over the face being careful to "erase" with your fingers under the chin and above the line of your hair.

Step 3:
Put concealer if needed around your eyes by dabbing your fingers. It is better to wear concealer after foundation cream because it does not need to put much. Finished putting some powder ..

 Step 4:
Smile wide and coated with a large brush, blush on your apples. Apples in person Council is the point on the cheeks accentuated when smiling. Make small circular movements erasing to your temples. Start with a little amount and continued until they have a distinctive effect.

 Step 5:
Choose a shade in the color of skin or soft brown color and spent by the upper eyelid. If you want you can put a little brown liner on the outer corner of your eyes and along the lower lash line. Alternatively, pass the shadow that I put under the eyes. He finished with a few coats of brown mascara. The brown color is more distinctive than the black and therefore a natural perfect makeup.

Step 6:
Put some lip gloss careful to choose a light color of your choice. .

 And you are Readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

(GR)Γεια σας κοριτσια! 
Σε αυτο το post θα σας μιλησω για τα βασικα βηματα που κανω εγω προσωπικα στο μακιγιαζ μου για ενα φυσικο look!

 (My Natural Look)

Βήμα 1ο
Κάνε έναν καλό καθαρισμό και φόρεσε την ενυδατική σου κρέμα . Περίμενε λίγα λεπτά να απορροφηθεί καλά η κρέμα και να στεγνώσει..

Βήμα 2ο
Πήγαινε σε ένα σημείο που έχει φυσικό φωτισμό, βάλε λίγο BB Cream στα χέρια σου και εφάρμοσε το στα σημεία που το έχεις περισσότερο ανάγκη. Συνέχισε προσθέτοντας λίγο λίγο σε όλο το πρόσωπο προσέχοντας να το «σβήνεις» με τα δάχτυλα σου κάτω από το πιγούνι και ψηλά στη γραμμή των μαλλιών σου.

Βήμα 3ο
Βάλε κονσίλερ αν χρειαστει γύρω από τα μάτια σου ταμπονάροντας με τα δάχτυλα σου. Είναι καλύτερα να φοράς το κονσίλερ μετά το μεικάπ γιατί έτσι δε χρειάζεται να βάλεις πολύ. Τελείωσε βάζοντας λίγη πούδρα..

Βήμα 4ο
Χαμογέλα πλατιά και πέρνα με ένα μεγάλο πινέλο, ρούζ στα μήλα σου. Τα μήλα στο πρόσωπο συ είναι το σημείο στα μάγουλα που τονίζεται όταν χαμογελάς. Κάνε μικρές κυκλικές κινήσεις σβήνοντας προς τους κροτάφους σου. Ξεκίνα με λίγη ποσότητα και συνέχισε ώσπου να έχεις ένα διακριτικό αποτέλεσμα.

Βήμα 5ο
Διάλεξε μια σκιά στο χρώμα του δέρματος ή σε απαλό καφέ χρώμα και πέρασε τη από το άνω βλέφαρο. Αν θες μπορείς να βάλεις και λίγο καφέ μολύβι στην εξωτερική γωνία των ματιών σου και κατά μήκος των κάτω βλεφαρίδων. Εναλλακτικά, πέρνα τη σκιά που έβαλες και κάτω από τα μάτια. Τελείωσε με μερικές στρώσεις καφέ μάσκαρα. Το καφέ χρώμα είναι πιο διακριτικό από το μαύρο και άρα τέλειο ενα φυσικο μακιγιάζ.

Βήμα 6ο
Βάλε λίγο  lip gloss προσέχοντας να διαλέξεις ένα απαλό χρώμα της επιλογης σου. . 

Kαι εισαι ετοιμηηηηηηηηηηηηη!!!

I hope you like my post! 
Lots of kisses!
Keep smile and feel free!


Σάββατο, 13 Απριλίου 2013

5 Ways How To Wear Denim Skirt!

Hey hey girls!
New post with 5 special Ways How to wear Our adorable denim Skirt!

Way No 1:

Classic With a Twist
Denim and stripes go together like ice cream and Summer. We're just giving it a little revamp, adding in our denim skirt to give classic stripes a girlier twist. A pair of nude lace-up sandals not only give the illusion of longer legs, they also lend a touch of modern-cool, while a more traditional red satchel echoes the play on the classics.

Way No 2:

Office Casual
If you can get away with denim at the office, do it right. Polish up your denim skirt with a classic white button-down, then add in sophisticated details like a wide leather belt and ultraflattering ankle-strap heels. We're also kind of obsessed with a perfect portfolio clutch.

Way No3:

Upgrade your knock-around-the-weekend look with a style that's as easy as it is totally adorable. We'd swap the average t-shirt for a much cooler twist on the tube top. This one's got a perfect borrowed-from-the-boys feel to contrast our little denim skirt. Finish with flat, walkable sandals...

Way No4:

Date Night
To keep cool (and low maintenance) on a hot Spring-Summer date night, opt for your denim skirt styled up with breathable, subtly sexy pieces. A silky tank on top lends a little luxe, while a pair of woven sandals are totally on-point for the season and will help elongate your stems. Add a unique statement piece that'll draw his attention, and finish with a little red polish or pastel colors too!


Way No5:

A denim skirt like this makes the transition easily with a cozy knit on top and cool, cutout boots or sandals on bottom. A structured satchel speaks to that back-to-school feel with a totally modern edge.

 Many many kisses

Have fun And Enjoy Life
By Fotini

Τετάρτη, 10 Απριλίου 2013

Stripped Pants~

Hey girls~
New post..with Stripped Pants! The New Hot Trend for...Daring Girls! Take a look!

1) With Wedges and trend collars


 2) With Fluo colour Tops!

 3) With your favorite Jacket!

4) With your sweety Slippers!

Who is your favorite combination Girls?

Let me know..

Take care and be fab!